Elude from Cardboard Stage on Vimeo.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 6th, 2014

Dasha Schwartz's dancers Lisanne Kottenhagen, Helen Clare Kinney and Ot Klemann performed her piece "Elude" on the boardwalk of Nemo east of Central Station in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dasha collaborated with the very talented violinist, Joep van Beijnum, from Holland and cinematographer, Ivan Trip from Sweden. The piece combined the beauty of Amsterdam with its canals and bikes with the beauty of classical ballet set to the music of Max Richter. The everyday pedestrian became the audience for this innovative piece and gave the unsuspecting city goer the opportunity to experience something unique.


Dasha Schwartz

Filmed & Edited:

Ivan Trip


Lisanne Kottenhagen, Ot Kleeman, Helen Clare Kinney


Joep Van Beijnum

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