Seeing Not Looking

Montreal, Quebec

March 27th, 2015

Four artists came together to paint four dancers improvising. The goal was to interpret movement on paper. The unique collaboration between dancers and painters gave the viewer the ability to see how the different artists received and translated the same performance in their own medium. It gave insight to the minds of artistic creative expression and documented the interesting process of how the same moving subject was depicted through the eyes of different artists. As the dancer is moving and constantly changing, it wasnt a still life painting but an abstract expression of movement which is unique and challenging to produce on paper.


Dasha Schwartz


Georgia Plummer-Quinn


Moriah Stendel, Willa Meredith, Jackie Ramona, Katie Hindson


Dan Ozeri, Dasha Scwartz, Marilyne Cyr, Citlali Trevino

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